Lone Star Award

Since 1980, the Lone Star Award is presented each year at the Annual Convention to an individual who has made a notable contribution to the grain, flour or feed industry. This outstanding contribution to the industry may be one of scientific achievement, marketing, engineering, transportation, management and other aspects of the industry. The list of these recipients is literally a “Who’s Who” of the grain, flour and feed industry.

1980 Bob Wendland
1981 Madison Clement
1982 Truitt Kennedy
1983 Randolph P. Moore
1984 Robert H. Davis
1985 Ben M. Ferguson
1986 Frank Bailey, Jr.
1987 Gabe D. Anderson, Jr.
1988 Dean Rea
1989 Robert L. Parker
1990 Raymond R. Nolen, CAE
1991 Frank Bailey, III
1992 John H. Jarrell
1993 Renford H. Austin
1994 Charles V. Griffin, Jr.
1995 Rep. David Swinford
1996 Ben E. Schmitt
1997 Carol G. Mathews
1998 Bill Nelson
1999 Presley Duke
2000 Robert Fowler
2001 Guy Brady, Jr.
2002 Bill Riffe
2003 Jack Hamil
2004 James Rotramel
2005 Will Dalton
2006 Fred Bursey, Jr.
2007 Bennie Curtiss
2008 Fred Bruegel
2009 Jimmy Roppolo
2010 Sam Attebury
2011 Owen Lafferty
2012 Tony Zaweski
2013 George Ferguson
2014 Jack Goldfield
2015 Jerry Stephenson
2016 Ben Boerner, CAE
2017 Larry Bulaich

Do you know someone who exemplifies service and has helped shaped the grain and feed industry in Texas? If so, we would like to know more! Contact the TGFA office to nominate an individual for the TGFA Lone Star Award.