Charter Preamble 

We, the members of this organization, being regularly engaged in buying and selling of grain and mill products, and the manufacturing of commercial feed, recognizing the necessity of an Association of the grain and feed dealers of the State of Texas, do hereby associate ourselves into an organization, the object of which shall be to promote uniformity in the customs and usages of those engaged in our trade; to inculcate principles of justice and equity in business; to facilitate the speedy adjustment of business disputes; to insure confidence in the business methods and integrity of the members of this organization; to collect and disseminate valuable commercial and economic information; to promote the general welfare of the dealers in grain, mill products, and feeds in this State, and for the furtherance of these objects and purposes we hereby create and establish these Articles of Incorporation, Constitution and By-Laws.
Texas Grain and Feed Association, a Texas nonprofit corporation subject to the Texas Nonprofit Corporation Act, has adopted these Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation.  These Amended and Restated Articles accurately copy the Articles of Incorporation and prior amendments, and also include further amendments described in Article III. 

Procedure of Adopting the Amendment
The Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation were adopted by vote of the Board of Directors on April 17, 2007, as permitted by Article 1396-4.02A, Texas Nonprofit Corporation Act.

Amended and Restated Articles
The Articles of Incorporation (Charter) and all prior amendments are superseded by the Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation set forth in Exhibit “A” attached.  

Amendment of Articles of Incorporation
The Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation include amendments to Articles One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, and Seven of the Articles of Incorporation (Charter) as amended, all as contained in the Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation set forth in Exhibit “A” attached.  The Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation contain no other change except as permitted by Article 1396-4.06C(2), Texas Nonprofit Corporation Act.
Dated this 18th day of April 17, 2007.
The name of the corporation is Texas Grain and Feed Association.

The corporation is a non-profit corporation.

The period of its duration is perpetual.
The purposes of this corporation shall be to foster the interest of its members and those related to the grain and feed industry by common business interest; to provide and maintain suitable rooms for the conduct of its business, and to establish and maintain uniformity and equity in the customs, usages and practices of the industry; to acquire, preserve and disseminate valuable business information; to promote a more enlarged and friendly intercourse among those in and associated with the industry; and generally to promote the interest of trade and increase the facilities of commercial transactions.  The corporation may transact any and all lawful business.
The address of its registered office is 1701 River Run, Suite 802, Fort Worth, Texas 76107, and the name of its registered agent at that address is Tara Artho.
Management of the affairs of the corporation is vested in its Board of Directors.

The number of directors is fixed by the By-Laws.  The present number of directors is twelve (12) and the names and addresses of the persons who are now serving as directors are:

    • Mr. Blaine Rotramel, PO Box 630009, Nacogdoches, Texas 75963
    • Mr. Chad Felderhoff, PO Box 585, Muenster, Texas 76252
    • Mr. Ty Scarmardo, 1893 FM 1362, Caldwell, Texas 77836
    • Mr. Charles McGuill, 774 Rosemary Drive, New Braunfels, Texas 78130
    • Mr. Donnie Schwertner, PO Box 187, Miles, Texas 76861 
    • Mr. Steven Craig, 911 South Wharton Street, El Campo, Texas 77437
    • Mr. Paul Mostyn, 14015 Park Drive #104, Tomball, Texas 77377
    • Mr. Rango Springer, PO Box 256, Stratford, Texas 79084
    • Mr. Mike Harmelink, 425 South Fairmont, Saginaw, Texas 76179
    • Mr. Chris Pepper, 401 Congress Avenue Suite 2100, Austin, Texas 78701
    • Mr. Rob Grabowski, 2024 N. Frontage Road, Mount Pleasant, Texas 75455