APRIL 18-20, 2018 // Wyndham San Antonio Riverwalk

USDA NASS: Booth 1

Texas Wheat Producers Board: Booth 2
The Texas Wheat Producers Board (Booth), established in 1971, was developed to provide support and funding for wheat research, education and market development. Today, the board contributes collected producer funds to various projects with the goal of improving wheat productivity, increasing access in foreign markets and educating producers and consumers about agricultural issues. For more information, visit www.texaswheat.org.

Office of the Texas State Chemist: Booth 3

M&M Speciality Services LLC: Booth 5 
M&M Specialty Services, LLC is a company specializing in Protecting Your People & Your Stored Products. We Protect People by providing them with the knowledge and understanding of any Personal Protective Equipment that they might need to aid in keeping them safe, the job site safe and their fellow workers safe. Our Personal Protective Equipment products are field tested quality products chosen for comfort, durability, ease of use and cost of ownership for our customers. We Protect Products with 25 years experience of proven products and services designed to protect commodity quality while in storage. You Get Out What You Put In!

C-TEC, Inc: Booth 6 

C-TEC specializes in repair and restoration of concrete storage facilities using Gunite or Shotcrete to install steel reinforced liners. We also provide Crack Repair, Demoli­tion/Explosion Repair, Hopper Repair and Installation, Roof Deck Repair and Installation, Structural Analysis, Below Grade Waterproofing and have a Facility Mainte­nance and Repair Service. C-TEC travels nationwide and provides free estimates.

Fennell & Associates: Booth 7

Romer Labs: Booth 8 
Romer Labs is a leading provider of diagnostic testing solutions for food pathogens, mycotoxins, allergens and GMOs to ensure the highest quality standards at all stages of the supply chain in the food, agricultural, and feed industries.  Our broad range of innovative tests including our new GIPSA-approved AgraStrip Aflatoxin Quantitative WATEX Test Kit and our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory services play a pivotal role in integrated food safety solutions by “Making the World’s Food Safer”.

The Nay Company: Booth 9 
The Nay Company has designed and constructed grain elevators, shuttle train loading facilities, and feed mills for over 40 years in Texas, Oklahoma and the Southwest, as well as the Northeast and Central U.S. The company was founded on service and need for efficient operation and simplicity of design for our valued customers. Learn how to make your operation more efficient with The Nay Company.

JohnPac: Booth 10 

United Salt: Booth 11 

Bentoli®: Booth 12 
Based in Texas, Bentoli® manufactures preservatives, processing aids, and nutritional additives for livestock and aqua feeds. We take a comprehensive and methodical approach, enabling us to develop optimal solutions that help global feed manufacturers and farmers in the areas of preservation, processing, and nutrition.  For additional information, please visit us at www.bentoli.com

Andritz/ANCO: Booth 13 
The Andritz Feed and Biofuel Division is a powerful resource for the world wide feed milling. We are among the world leading manufacturers and suppliers of process equipment to the feed milling industries worldwide. Through our five business units we serve the global market. 

ANBO INC provides an aftermarket alternative for pellet mill parts and service for most major brands. Whether you need a complete re-build, a routine repair, or simply a replacement part, let our experienced and knowledgeable team help you keep your equipment running smoothly.  Quality, Productivity, and Reliability is our goal.  We will work together with our customers to provide the best possible service and solution.

Moeller Engineering : Booth 14 
Moeller Engineering is a nationwide firm providing design, consulting, and construction engineering solutions. We specialize in facility design and site layout, design/build, retrofit work to existing facilities, demolition, disaster response, and inspections. When you work with Moeller Engineering, you have the benefit of a one-stop solution. Our design/build business model allows us to manage the engineering, design and construction of your project. We’ll work with you to establish goals, prepare a schedule, and develop and adhere to your project’s budget.

Seedburo Equipment Company: Booth 15 
Seedburo Equipment Company has been established for more than a 100 years.  Seedburo specializes in supplying testing equipment to the grain, feed and seed industry.  Other acquisitions and arrangements have allowed SEEDBURO to exclusively distribute many lines of equipment to the agricultural industries. Some of these products are the various Seedburo Grain Probes, Boerner and Precision Dividers, Count-A-Pak Seed Counters, Burrows Moisture Testers, SEEDBURO Computer Grain Scales, Ohaus Grading Scales, Official USDA Grading and Inspection Visual Reference Images and Inspection Stations, SEEDBURO Germinators and numerous others items.

McPherson Concrete: Booth 16

Sullivan Insurance Agency: Booth 17 
Sullivan Insurance Agency has been insuring agribusiness since the 1946, providing property, casualty, employee benefits and numerous other services. We have witnessed the evolution of agribusiness & understand what is needed to create a successful and beneficial partnership. 

Gasaway: Booth 18 
Gasaway, Inc. specializes and has been actively involved in the design and turn-key construction of rice milling and drying, grain elevator drying and storage, and feed mill construction business, including automatic feeding systems, pellets, hammer and roller mills, feed storage hopper tanks and material handling conveying systems since 1976. We have designed and built feed storage tanks, materials conveying, and automatic feeding systems for the cattle, poultry, and aquaculture industries. Visit the website at www.gasawayinc.com to see how Gasaway Inc. can improve your business.

STE Oil Company: Booth 19 
STE Oil Company is the leader in the feed & grain industry for dust control. Our industry based experience and knowledge has lead STE Oil to be your best source for mineral oils and soybean oils. Our company is committed to developing partnerships with our customers. With a commitment to quality and customer service, we also sell tanks and manufacture spraying equipment. Today, STE Oil Company has developed relationships with several different suppliers offering top quality oils. Our customers ultimately benefit from these relationships by receiving the highest quality products at competitive prices. STE has been focusing on the grain and feed industry since 1987. We look forward to continuing relationships and business with the Texas Grain & Feed Association and its members.

Great Plains Chemical and Fumigation Services: Booth 20 
Great Plains Chemical and Fumigation Services specializes in insect and rodent management plans, as well as fumigation service. They also sell grain fumigants, protectants, insecticides, foggers, safety equipment, bin temperature cables and rodent control equipment.

Texas Agribusiness Insurance: Booth 21 
Agribusiness is not just part of our company name; agribusiness is what we understand, what we support and what sets us apart. Texas Agribusiness Insurance provides general lines property and casualty insurance for select middle to large market commercial agribusiness risks across Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. We strive to be “the best” agribusiness focused commercial property and casualty insurance agency in the industry. With over 37 years of ag insurance experience Stoney Jackson along with his staff provide expertise, dedicated customer service and the resources necessary to facilitate that goal. Our Agency partner, Berkley Agribusiness Risk Specialists was built on a cornerstone of integrity with a primary mission of achieving excellence in commercial agribusiness insurance through innovation and ingenuity. Berkley Ag www.berkleyag.com is a member company of the W.R. Berkley Corporation www.wrberkley.com a Fortune 500 Company with an A+ Superior rating from A.M. Best rating service. Contact Stoney Jackson President of Texas Agribusiness Insurance at www.texasagins.com, 1500 Broadway Suite 1208, Lubbock, TX 79401. Stoney is a devout Texas Tech Red Raider and a huge New York Yankee fan, plus he is a proud Grampy to his 2 year old granddaughter. Come by our booth and ask Stoney or his son Sloan, also a Texas Agribusiness Agent, to show you pictures of little Brooklyn. Give Stoney a call at 806-771-1171.

Maljohn: Booth 22 
For more than 30 years, we have manufactured impact and abrasion resistant spouts, telescopic spouts, chutes, U trough liners, drag conveyor flights and rollers for grain handling and industrial uses. We are experienced and capable of creating durable plastic products custom made for your needs. Malcolm and Lynne Johnson come all the way from Canada to serve our industry. So make sure and stop by booth 24 and ask about their services.

Central Life Sciences: Booth 23 
The DIACON® IGR family of products protects stored commodities. EPA approved, and tolerance exempt, DIACON® IGR applications are approved virtually eve­rywhere stored product insects are a problem. Available in two formulations – the liquid DIACON® II and the dry formulation DIACON®-D to meet insect control needs on-farm as well as off-farm storage sites.

Premier Tech Chronos (PTC): Booth 24 
Premier Tech Chronos (PTC) is one of the largest packaging equipment manufacturers in the world. Well-known in the flexible and rigid packaging industries, PTC offers specific packaging machines as well as complete packaging lines for small- and large-scale productions. Its wide product portfolio includes bagging machines, valve bag fillers, FFS machines, robotic case packing machines, robot palletizers, bag palletizers, case palletizers, stretch wrappers, stretch hooders, and conveyors. Moreover, PTC offers bulk processing solutions for organic materials as well as peat bog equipment.

Marek Ag: Booth 25 
Marek Grain Bin Co. has been in the grain bin and material handling sales, construction and service business since 1979 and built their reputation on honesty, quality and a proven, effective method of consistently designing and building efficient grain systems. Marek Grain Bin Co. is a dealer of multiple grain storage and handling suppliers and can help you find the right equipment or parts that will get you operating quickly. Visit our web site www.MarekAg.com

Product Line: Grain Bins and Accessories • Zero Entry DAAY Paddle Sweeps • Drag Chain Conveyors • Pulleys, Sprockets & Belts • Aeration Fans • Portable Drive Over Pits • Spouting and Fittings • Bottom Rings & Sheets • Chain & Versa Loops • Hutch Portable Augers • Custom Augers • Unload Augers • U-Through • Floors • Flighting • Bucket Elevators • Motors 1HP-100HP • Grain Pumps

Hertel Insurors: Booth 26 
Hertel Insurors are the only professionals offering the Risk Reduction Approach™ insurance program to TGFA members. We are the creator and exclusive agents for the AgriComp Workers’ Compensation safety dividend group. Bill and Landon Hertel are familiar faces at the TGFA Annual Meeting and they always have something new to offer.

Central Bag Company: Booth 27 
Central Bag Company for over 85 Years has been a dependable one stop full service packaging supplier. 100% Employee Owned Providing Excellent Quality and Service with Manufacturing and Distribution for all your Packaging Needs. Bulk Bags, Burlap, Cotton, Multiwall Paper, Textile Bags, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Laminated Woven Bags, Plastic Seed Boxes, Sewing Tapes, Equipment and Stretch Wrap.

WesTx Packaging: Booth 28 

Express Scale: Booth 29

VICAM, A Waters Business: Booth 30 
VICAM, A Waters Business, is dedicated to developing rapid diagnostics for the detection of aflatoxin, ochratoxin and other mycotoxins in food, botanical & agricultural products. Trusted in more than 100 countries to ensure food safety, VICAM products are AOAC and USDA approved. Contact us today: 508.482.4935, vicam@vicam.com or visit www.vicam.com.

CCS Group: Booth 31
CCS Group, LLC is a leading expert and trusted resource for the safety and longevity of concrete structures. Our focus is on safety, superior customer service and relationships, and quality materials and workmanship. Services include: Shotcrete/Gunite silo liners, Carbon Fiber Technology, Hopper Repair and Installation, Concrete Crack and Spalling Repair, Catastrophic Failure Repair and Prevention, Roof Coatings, Structural Assessment Services, and Free Estimates. Visit us at ccsgrouponline.com or 1-855-752-5047.

Sioux Steel: Booth 32 
Sioux Steel has intuitively expanded its products to continue to grow with the agricultural industry. ProTec engineered buildings provide a fabric building that is easy to set up, easy to maintain, and can be utilized for anything from livestock shelters, to grain storage, to equipment storage. Sioux Steel also offers grain bagging systems as a flexible grain storage option. The Daay Bin Paddle Sweep provides a safe and effective way to empty both farm and commercial grain systems. Visit Sioux Steel at www.siouxsteel.com and see what they can do for your business!

BarnesCo: Booth 33

Drake, Inc.: Booth 34 
Drake, Inc. provides full service and consultation on structural repair, Gunite liners, Kanal system installation, roof coatings, hopper repair and installations, crack repair, sand blasting and painting. Our consultations include rebar scanning and free estimates. For more info visit  www.drakeinc.com.

Westway Feed Products: Booth 35 
Feed mill molasses products, pellet binders, liquid supple­ments and solid supplement tubs. The description is so simple, but the company can have a complex impact on your business.

JMI Covers: Booth 36 
JMI Covers manufactures reliable, cost effective Agricultural Storage Covers for companies who utilize outside storage for their commodities. We provide our Storage Covers, Installation Services and Cover Strapping Systems for millions of bushels each year.

Charm Sciences: Booth 37 
Charm Sciences is a world leader in food safety diagnostics. Charm offers a wide variety of mycotoxin tests with over twenty GIPSA approved commodities to meet your detection needs. The portfolio includes aflatoxin, DON, fumonisin, ochratoxin, T2/HT2, and zearalenone. Rely on Charm for excellence in quality, innovation, and sensitivity to protect your brand! www.charm.com

Ag Workers: Booth 38 
Ag Workers Insurance provides access to multiple insurance products and services that help enrich the lives of their membership...including personal, business, auto, homeowners, farm and ranch, flood, recreational vehicles and renter’s insurance. If you reside in Texas or Oklahoma, contact them today for your free quote. A friendly customer service representative will be happy to help you save money - 800-772-7424.

Maxi-Lift, Inc.: Booth 39 

Bag Supply Texas, Inc.: Booth 40
Bag Supply Texas, Inc. is part of the Bag Supply Co. fam­ily with an emphasis on family. They distribute from Fort Worth, Texas and Moody, Ala. They manufacture bulk bags in Leeds, Ala. and Puebla, Mexico. Bag Supply, Texas also inventories paper bags, woven polypropylene bags, bopp, bulk bags and burlap bags. Check out many more products at www.bagsupply.com