EXPO Poker Run

EXHIBITORS: Pass out one card per attendee that visits your booth.

ATTENDEES: Visit as many booths as possible to come up with your best 5 card hand. Redeem tickets for every 5 card hand you turn in to the DEALER.

DEALER - The Nay Company, Booth #5:  As the dealer, you are where attendees flock to redeem tickets for their poker hands. Follow the chart below for ticket allowance per hand. Give the Coupon stub to the player and deposit the ticket portion in the bowl. Tickets will the drawn for prizes after lunch and after the afternoon snack break (view schedule). Must be present in the expo hall to win.


Royal Flush – 7 tickets
Straight Flush – 6 tickets
4 of a kind – 5 tickets
Full House – 4 tickets
Flush – 3 tickets
Straight – 2 tickets
3 of a kind – 1 ticket